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Going Out For Your Sunday Lunch?

What’s more memorable and enjoyable than sharing memories with your loved ones over a lavish Sunday lunch! A cosy Sunday morning followed by a delicious lunch at the best restaurant can be the perfect way to end your weekend on a happy note.

Well, what if the menu includes some of the best items from Contemporary English, European cuisine along with seafood? Sounds tempting right? A visit to a good restaurant is all that you need to do for enjoying a lavish lunch this Sunday!

Whether you are a seafood lover or have a soft spot for desserts, the extensive menu of the best food restaurant in Worthing has got something for every foodie. The well-qualified chefs prepare high-quality food using fresh ingredients.   

Sunday Lunch

Check out our favourite dishes from our latest Sunday lunch menu!

Visiting The Best Food Restaurant In Worthing For Your Sunday Lunch? Dishes To Look For On The Menu


Got a craving for cheese? Try out this luscious combination when you go out for your Sunday lunch. Served with dressed leaves and roasted tomatoes, delicious!

Main Course

Crisp duck leg served with sweet potato mash and plum sauce is a simple yet luxurious dish which should definitely be on your shortlist. Once you try this classic recipe, you won’t be able to resist licking your fingers after enjoying this sweet and sticky braised duck.

Slow roasted pork can make the perfect showstopper for every traditional Sunday roast. What makes this dish popular among foodies are the great combination of flavours. Served with roasted potatoes, apple and cider sauce, this dish will leave you craving for more!


Oh yes! Yummy chocolate brownies can be the perfect addition to your delectable Sunday lunch. You can enjoy this fresh out of the oven or with a few scoops of vanilla ice-cream. Trust us; soft chocolate brownies are to die for!

Have these tempted you to join us for Sunday lunch? Book now at http://indigorestaurant.info/sunday-lunch/.

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